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We are revolutionizing talent management for K12 schools with our suite of
customizable solutions that help schools attract, engage, and develop the most talented people in education.

Why Appleton?

Appleton aspires to improve the quality and efficiency of education by providing
comprehensive talent management solutions for school districts.




Certified teachers and staff are a highly specialized workforce with unique and complicated talent management and human resources (HR) needs. Appleton addresses district needs ranging from finding and retaining teachers, to conducting evaluations and maintaining professional learning networks (PLNs), to providing professional development.

Appleton can help you:

  • Recruit qualified teachers.
  • Manage, organize, and analyze your teacher evaluations.
  • Design and manage a professional learning network.
  • Provide teacher professional development that is meaningful, research-based, and convenient.



Non-certified support staff are essential resources for school building operations, but high turnover and difficult-to-fill positions can leave your district HR department struggling with constant recruitment, training, and management of this workforce. Furthermore, burden costs are on the rise and often exceed 80% of a non-certified team member’s annualized salary.

Appleton can help you:

  • Reduce spending on non-certified staff without reducing quality or negatively impacting your existing staff.
  • Manage your support staff workforce with more flexibility around the associated bureaucracy.
  • Fill your hard-to-fill support staff positions.
  • Train your support staff for important positions like SPED and Pre-K that is meaningful, research-based, and convenient.



By the time a student finishes twelve years of school, he or she will have spent almost a full year with a substitute teacher. Substitutes play an important role in ensuring continuity and quality of education when teachers and support staff are absent. However, managing all of the various HR and daily scheduling functions associated with this workforce can be difficult and time-consuming.

Appleton can help you:

  • Provide an alternative to outsourcing substitutes with reduced headaches, improves fill rates, and ACA compliance.
  • Maintain compliance with ACA without limiting substitute hours.
  • Improve the satisfaction of your substitute workforce.
  • Train your substitutes.



Students require support and resources beyond the traditional school day, but school districts are often limited in their time and ability to create and deliver programs during out-of-school time. Appleton can help your district to offer after school, summer, or instructional support programs with very little administrative burden.

Appleton can help you:

  • Improve your district’s current after school program.
  • Implement an extended learning program.
  • Improve test scores.


Appleton is continuously looking for the most talented people in education to join our team. If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of students in your area or in schools across the nation, click the button below to apply today.


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